How to Optimize Your Search Results in Search Engines?

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Search results in search engines like Google differs from websites to websites. Some may have better results while some may be in standard form. Even the search results matters if you want to make your website at its best quality. Today we shall discuss some important tips that you must follow in order to optimize your search results in search engines like Google. Then, you can customize your site in your own way.

But first, you must know why you should go through this procedure. Take an example, if you are targeting your website to be in higher position, you also should think of its status. If your website’s result is premium, the readers think it to be better site than any other around. And also, it also sounds good to have some position in Google!

Where to Start Optimizing?

The first step in optimization is always website itself. You must know each and every on page SEO techniques in order to go for search result optimization. You need to focus on website title, its Meta description and its navigation menu. Why menu? It is important because it is mostly shown on web result as site link.

The second thing you should focus on your website is the contents. The contents inside your site must be updated on daily basis and must be unique. Make sure you do follow all these before proceeding to the next step. And for the third thing, never miss to show the author name of the posts. You will know why it is important when you can use the tool that I will mention below.

Tools You Need for Search Optimization

Well, there is only one tool that you need the most and it is Google Webmasters Tool or commonly known as Search Console. You should have one, if not go to and sign in with your Gmail account.

To get your own search console, you must have a website and should integrate the system in your site manually. Soon after verification, you can access to the search console system.

Few Other Tools

Apart from Search Console, there are few other things that you should consider for better search results. They are listed here under:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

According to SEO in Nepal, this item helps you to minimize load time in your webpages when it is opened from mobile phones. And also, it shows ‘AMP’ with flash sign in search results.

Use of SSL

If you are going for big, always use SSL certificate. When you do so, Google recognize you as good company or trusted company and rank you faster than standard websites.

When you follow these actions, you can surely see the results in 3 months or so. If you are looking for quick way, there is none. So guys, experiment it in your blog and give us a feedback.

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