Who to Minimize Duplicate Contents in Your Website?

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While blogging if you use some copied articles, you can never rank your site on top of the search results. The duplicate contents or plag contents always confuses Google, so your rank could be penalized as well. When you write articles, therefore is recommended to make it lower than 1 per cent as possible. And even though your site has multiple pages like that, you can simply check from some free tools around the Internet and remove such pages as soon as possible.

Tools for Checking Duplicate Contents

For those who are using WordPress as CMS and Yoast Plugin, there is something very useful for you. If your content is duplicated, you can simply add one snippet which will link it to the original content as well. When you do so, your website will not be penalized by Google and also the search engines think your site to be a reference portal.

But for those who are using some other CMS, here are some tools that you can use for checking duplicate contents.

CopyScape: Free and Premium

CopyScape is the only tool that is ranked on the top of the list. As it provides both free and premium plans to go for, you can either choose free or premium plans. You should simply visit CopyScape.com and add the link of your web blog post. And then you can compare the text with the results found.

One thing we should mention is that, it only searches for 30 per cent of the web in free version. In premium version, you can directly search from contents. When you have one premium search, it charges around 0.06 per search.

Siteliner: Find Internal Duplicate Contents

What if your own site has some duplicate contents? We mean to say that what if your site as two similar contents? It is hard to find it manually when you should go through all those posts and lines. But no worries as we have another tool named siteliner which helps to find all duplicate contents within the blog.

You simply need to visit CopyScape brother site Siteliner.com and add the page you want to search for. Like the other tool, it is not free as well. You need premium account if you want to perform it perfectly. As the free version is limited to 250 pages per month, it is better to have premium version as well.

Plagium: Free Plag Checker

If you are new in blogging field and cannot afford to buy some premium search platforms, you can simply visit Plagium.com. This site offers duplicate search for 1000 words or so. And also its results are almost 80 per cent accurate.

How to Manually Check Duplicate Contents Without Using Tools?

If you do not want to use any of these tools or find it uncomfortable, you can simply check those contents manually. All you have to do is go to the page, copy little amount of texts, and then paste it to the Google. If your website do not come to the first three result, it is sure that you content is duplicate.

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