Why Website Typography is Important?

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While making website, all people think SEO and articles is more important than any other, but there is one another thing that is important above all. You must be able to reconcile whether the articles you wrote for the blog is readable or not. It is always hard to read through some mobile or tablet screen, but we do not recommend you to go for some fancy fonts when it comes to website. As people do not have time to know what type of font you are using, people might simply skip the blog for reading another. Today, we shall leave some good tips for website typography.

How is Typography and Readability Connected?

The readability and typography are interconnected in website. One can easily read the contents when the typography is clear. We can simply define typography as arrangement of letters to create some appealing texts and contents. But when we use more than one type for the content, the content surely looks amazing but people cannot read it perfectly. If you do not know what Typography really is, it includes fonts, spacing and more.

We have included some tips on all the typography types here. Make sure you follow each and every step.

For Fonts

You should use a standard version of font. When it comes to size, we recommend you to go for 14 pixels. It is something better as people can easily read through your texts. If you are going for 10 pixels, it is rather old and people find it hard to read. Also 10 pixel is fit for novels and books, not for some website. But if you do not want it to be too hard, go for 106 pixels instead.

If we are talking about the colour of the font, we recommend you to use standard black pattern. It always depends on your website UI and type of the website. In a standard pattern, it is always either black or grey to some extent. And if you want to highlight something, you can use some colours like red or blue.

White Spacing and Line Spacing

How would it look if I write articles without spaces and narrow line spacing? Well we cannot read what one is going to write. So, you must have knowledge of using some spacing. After the font is modified, you should fix the amount of spacing for the texts. For any CMS, it is predefined, so you do not need to go for it manually, but if your website is made of HTML, you should manage it.

Typography for Links

It means the type and pattern of the link within your website that changes colour while hovering through them. You should pre-define it as it shows some good aspect on reader’s view as well. We recommend you to remove the underline that appears when hyperlink are created, and then change the colour of the link according to the template of your website.

Length of Line

Typography also includes line length that you should define first. Make sure to write not more than 15 words per line. It helps in increasing readability as well.

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